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Selling Commercial Solar to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles

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There is a fundamental shift, in 2020, in the way commercial solar is being purchased. The market has moved from ‘early Majority’ to ‘late Majority’ with commercial solar buyers demanding more from their suppliers and their sales teams. This book addresses these changes and gives practical advice on how to take advantage of the new paradigm.

Commercial solar buyers often know more about the technology and the market than the salesperson; are immune to the hundreds of sales tricks and demanding a higher standard of professionalism from their solar vendor. Before you meet them and have ‘ranked’ you using logic and market information.

So, how do you sell when buying is now such a logical process?

Recent breakthrough scientific studies reveal logic plays an important role in the buying process, however, only a small role when it comes to making a decision.

In this book, sponsored by ASM Money, you will discover why emotion is such a vital part in decision making; how to attach emotion to logic and close a sale. You will discover why the old idea of a person being a logical being, when faced with a decision, is wrong.

Emotion is at the heart of every buying decision and providing emotional food is the core task of today’s successful commercial solar salesperson.

In this very practical book, full of commercial solar examples and strategies, you will learn everyday tools to take advantage of this breakthrough in understanding of how people make decisions. You’ll meet & learn how to identify the seven emotional styles.

You will be given a simple tool to identify each style and learn techniques to drive emotion using green and red emotional buttons.

If you want to influence a commercial solar buying decision this book gives you the tools and strategies to work with each emotional style. To quickly establish rapport you are provided conversation starters for each emotional style. Most importantly you are provided with real tools so you can use emotion to close that important sale.

With real life commercial solar examples and sales campaigns turned around in seconds just by addressing emotional needs. You will instantly recognise the emotional styles in your colleagues & clients and understand why they behave in certain ways.

This is one book you will refer to time and again to ensure every lead  and sales call pays and will help you plan sales calls and close sales.

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