Responding to Tenders, Request for Quotation & Selling to Government

How to sell when you’re not allowed to sell!

Responding to Tenders, Request for Quotations & Selling to Government

A request for quotation arrives with the specific instruction to not make contact with the client. What can you do?

On completion of this program you will know how to: 

  • Identify and make contact with the buying influences when you have been requested not to
  • Match the stated tender requirements to your skill set
  • Have your unique strengths added to the request after the document is issued
  • Interpret which tender requirements are really critical and which are not – not just what the request for tender states.
  • write a winning tender despite the request for a certain format

Tenders and selling to Government might seem to be all about price. Government is full of two particular emotional styles – and if you can master these you will be on your way to profitable Government business.

Delivery Details

  • Face to face workshops delivered stand-alone or as a one day program
  • Use your own real prospect list
  • Small groups – ideally 6 – 12
  • Professional Development Points*
  • Diploma Units Certificate of Completion*

*prior registration required

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