ASM Money Membership

Join ASM today to gain access to our industry leading Finance programs and boost your sales team performance

Benefits of Partnering with ASM

  • Deals close faster and easier
  • Finance first sales training to avoid the “I don’t have the cash” objection
  • ASM Money helps show your sales team how to sell more
  • Finance solutions to avoid client payment delays
  • Solutions to improve your business turnover/cashflow
  • Improved margins
  • ASM provides solutions for cash flow for larger projects

ASM Money™ can help you grow your business with expert assistance, sales coaching, instant approvals, market leading rates, online applications etc.

Benefits to your Clients

  • Save money NOW and more in the future
  • With an ASM Money operating lease, your client can save up to 45%, in cash-flow terms, over the period of the finance, compared to cash up front or other types of finance
  • Increase profits
  • Protection from energy price increases
  • 20% to 30% reduction in energy costs after payments
  • ASM Money & finance partners accredit installers so they can have confidence in you as a supplier

ASM Money™ helps clients install with no cash down, have positive cash flow immediately and be assured their installer is a quality organisation.  Most importantly, they have access to the best Asset finance rates available in the market today.

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