Opportunity Development & Closing Commercial Solar Sales

You have a pipeline of commercial solar opportunities.  
How do you take these opportunities and close them?

Opportunity Devlopment & Closing Commercial Solar Sales

On completion of this program you will know how to:

  • Clearly identify real and hidden buying influences
  • Deliver a trial close directly to a client’s emotional buying style
  • Move opportunities down the sales funnel quickly and smoothly
  • Craft a ‘fit for purpose’ solution
  • Handle objections easily and smoothly
  • Have your client asking you to buy
  • Make the close painless with your client fully engaged

Commercial solar sales are about creating business outcomes your client desires and showing them you are the ideal way to achieve that outcome.

Delivery Details

  • Face to face workshops delivered stand-alone or as a one day program
  • Use your own real prospect list
  • Small groups – ideally 6 – 12
  • Professional Development Points*
  • Diploma Units Certificate of Completion*

*prior registration required

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