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Our mission is to create a sustainable future through the facilitation of partnerships with Financiers, Government and Industry.

We do this by providing a full-service finance and sales support solution to renewable energy installers and their clients.

  • Do your clients need funding before making a purchasing decision?
  • Do you need capital? or want to purchase or merge your business with a competitor?
  • Do you need cash to deliver a project or projects? 
  • Do you know if you qualify for a research grant?
  • Do you or your installers need tools? or a car? 
  • Would a trade facility help?
  • Do you import or warehouse stock?

ASM Money has solutions to support every aspect of the finance needs of a growing business.

Since 2012 we have made it our mission to support solar businesses where they may have found it difficult to establish a relationship with a finance company. As we move past the pandemic into a new economy focused on sustainability, we continue this mission.

Would additional specialist business building skills help? What about sales skills, lead generation, business networking and finance training?

The renewable energy sector, while traditionally being a ‘solar’ play, is rapidly expanding to include wind, geothermal, storage and other developing technologies. The market is complex & highly regulated. The financial reward, however, is great with the emotional & environmental reward outstanding.

With leadership skills from an industry specialist, Greg Ferrett, supported by an experienced team and network of professional brokers, you can be sure you and your clients will be well looked after.

ASM Money – Your Independent Finance Broker

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ASM Job Opportunites

ASM Money Pty Ltd (ASM) is a specialist finance brokerage company sourcing and creating finance solutions for independent retailers (vendors) selling mainly commercial goods. Our marketing focus is on renewable energy with Solar being the dominant part of the portfolio. There is no restriction, other than our financier’s matrix, to which assets we can broker finance for.
ASM is looking for asset finance brokers to become a part of our program in all states of Australia.
As a broker, your core role is to undertake Sales and Business Development services with respect to recruiting and maintaining independent vendors as members of ASM’s Independent Finance Program. Your primary role will include enabling independent vendors sales and marketing teams and assist the independent retailer to implement offering finance in their business ASM Money has quality relationships with financiers who are ‘solar-friendly’ offering a broad range of options from a traditional operating lease to competitive power purchase agreements. ASM’s Independent finance program allows you to package up offerings to quality medium size vendors who may not qualify on their own to have a direct relationship with the majors. You will be expected to help vendors identify, and close opportunities for finance supported by the ASM administration team.


The relationship between you and ASM is that of a contractor and you will be expected to have your own business structure to invoice ASM Money for commissions and payments. You will work with and report to the National Sales Manager.

Hours Worked

While this may not be your full-time role, it could easily become your major source of income. The role is ideal for someone transitioning to the finance industry as well as people with a wealth of business experience looking to develop a business providing a long-term income stream. It will also suit people transitioning to retirement, parents working from home or looking to establish a long-term income stream as an independent business.


You will receive commissions for the following;
  • Sales of membership programs offered by ASM Money
  • Brokerage fees on loans advanced to clients through independent retailers you have recruited or have been assigned to you
Commissions are earned on settlement and paid weekly


The following are the qualification and selection criteria ASM considers
  • Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Brokering - nice to have and mandatory within 12 months of joining
  • AML certificate received in the last 2 years renewed every 24 months
  • Recent CAFBA or equivalent membership (not mandatory)
  • Understanding & some experience running a vendor program in the finance industry (not mandatory)
  • Solar industry experience (not mandatory)
  • Other energy experience (not mandatory)
If this looks like you please send an email to outlining your background and we will organise a time to chat.

ASM Money Pty Ltd (ASM) is a specialist finance brokerage company sourcing and creating finance solutions for independent retailers (vendors) selling mainly commercial goods. Our marketing focus is on...


Commercial Finance

Fast and flexible finance to support your sales team to close more renewable energy projects.

Commercial Sales Training

In-house team-based lead generation and sales training programs based on the science of emotional intelligence.

Residential Finance

ASM Money creating new and innovative solutions to help you reduce your energy costs

Business & Cash Flow Finance

Flexible short and long term business finance solutions specifically to support renewable energy and sustainability focused businesses.

Welcome to ASM Money

ASM Money focuses on providing the financial tools to make it simple for any small or medium size business to maintain a competitive edge in the market, regardless of industry.

ASM Money provides solar retailers, sales teams and contractors access to the most competitive rental, leasing and finance options in the market today. No matter what you need it is likely ASM Money can introduce you to a range of products from one of our finance partners.

ASM Money assists small or medium-sized businesses to obtain access to the right finance products to use at the point of sale to close more business, for more, and faster, using finance solutions for your industry.

Sell more, for more, faster
Increase cash flow with ‘speed to settlement’
Sales and financial coaching and tools to support your sales team

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ASM Money provides the very best finance solutions and options for your clients.