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Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Hydro, Waste to Energy … in fact, any renewable energy source is unique as it may be the only asset you or your business will install that generates an income.

For a commercial organisation, renewable energy is a pure finance play and understanding the key finance options is critical before making any decisions.

Impacting the finance model are unique tax regulations, Government rebates, planning regulations, grid requirements, energy storage and energy export opportunities.

With an enormous array of renewable energy technology companies to buy from how do you decide if their proposal will meet the financial goals of your business now and into the long term future.

ASM Money specialises in renewable energy providing asset and business finance to support commercial organisations wanting to implement sustainable and renewable projects. We are here to help you choose the right option.

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ASM Money Pty Ltd (ASM) is a specialist finance brokerage company sourcing and creating finance solutions for independent retailers (vendors) selling mainly commercial goods. Our marketing focus is on...

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Commercial Finance

Fast and flexible finance to support your sales team to close more renewable energy projects.

Commercial Sales Training

In-house team-based lead generation and sales training programs based on the science of emotional intelligence.

Residential Finance

ASM Money creating new and innovative solutions to help you reduce your energy costs

Business & Cash Flow Finance

Flexible short and long term business finance solutions specifically to support renewable energy and sustainability focused businesses.

Welcome to ASM Money

ASM Money focuses on providing the financial tools to make it simple for any small or medium size business to maintain a competitive edge in the market, regardless of industry.

ASM Money provides solar retailers, sales teams and contractors access to the most competitive rental, leasing and finance options in the market today. No matter what you need it is likely ASM Money can introduce you to a range of products from one of our finance partners.

ASM Money assists small or medium-sized businesses to obtain access to the right finance products to use at the point of sale to close more business, for more, and faster, using finance solutions for your industry.

Sell more, for more, faster
Increase cash flow with ‘speed to settlement’
Sales and financial coaching and tools to support your sales team

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ASM Money provides the very best finance solutions and options for your clients.