About Us

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Hydro … in fact any renewable energy source is a unique asset being the only asset you or your business will install that generates an income.

Coupled with unique tax regulations, Government rebates, planning regulations, grid requirements, energy storage and energy export opportunities along with an enormous array of companies to buy from how do you decide what to do?

ASM Money are specialists in renewable energy and finance to help you choose the right option for you and your clients …

Who we are

ASM Money is an Independent Finance Broker founded in 2012 as a division of Australian Security Monitoring, a successful business challenged by the experience of obtaining long term finance solutions to support them closing sales of security equipment.

After securing a direct business relationship with a number of key finance companies, the directors immediately recognised the opportunity to assist other similar businesses, regardless of industry, partner with a finance company. Most of these businesses would be declined the privilege of being able to work directly with a finance company due to the finance industries strict criteria.

ASM Money makes it simple for all Australian businesses to partner with a finance company regardless of size.

ASM Money brokers do not hide behind computer screens. We go well beyond finance providing sales and industry expertise in every market we engage in. ASM Money provide a sales, marketing, coaching and business building style consultancy assisting businesses to leverage finance to close more business, increase cash flow all at the lowest cost possible.

greg ferrett

Gregory Ferrett – Director and Chief Executive Officer

Greg is an experienced and successful CEO with a focus on Business Development. He has worked with organisations focusing on complex projects involving Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Business Alignment & Business Process in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Greg has provided the winning business development formulae to major systems integrators, BPO suppliers, manufacturers, industrial automation, FMCG and companies needing to raise capital and included a company float.

Read more about Greg on his LinkedIN profile, read his motivational BLOG or buy his book on Emotional Intelligence

ASM Money is your independent finance broker for all your renewable energy solutions.

ASM Money provides the very best finance solutions and options for your clients.