Commercial Solar Sales Training

Fundamental commercial solar selling skills 


Communicate to your customers how to eliminate the pain of operating expenses, limit operational risk & increase cash reserves.

On completion of this program you will know;

  • The differences between commercial and residential solar buyers
  • If your commercial client is likely to buy & how to generate buying energy
  • Your commercial client’s emotional buying style and how to sell to the ‘green button’ of that style
  • The top 5 reasons commercial organisations say ‘No’ to solar and how to overcome them
  • The critical role of finance in every commercial solar sale
  • The five finance options for commercial solar and how to close using the ‘fit for purpose’ option

and how to use this information to quickly establish rapport with your client and more easily move a commercial solar sales opportunity to closure.

Delivery Details

  • Face to face workshops delivered stand-alone or as a one day program
  • Use your own real prospect list
  • Small groups – ideally 6 – 12
  • Professional Development Points*
  • Diploma Units Certificate of Completion*

*prior registration required

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