2021 has its light and bright moments amongst the challenges. Here are a few highlights to smooth the year end & kickstart 2022

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2021 News was full of stories about COVID-19 with a lot of negative energy. As we enter the final weeks of the business year here are some of the lighthearted and entertaining stories you may have missed …
  • English playwright William Shakespeare was reported to have died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine by Argentine news channel 26 (case of mistaken identity, the Bard died in 1616)
  • Engineers at MIT announce they have engineered spinach to send emails when detecting explosive materials in groundwater as part of plant nano bionic research
  • Astronomers confirm the planetoid named Farfarout as the most distant orbiting the Sun, almost four times more distant than Pluto
  • Bennu Asteroid, size of the Empire State Building, now has 1-in-1,750 chance of hitting Earth in 2182, according to data from NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft. NASA launched its DART Mission, to test technology to prevent future impact on earth by hazardous asteroids like this, by deliberately crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid
  • The World’s second oldest person French nun Sister André’ celebrated her 117th birthday after surviving COVID-19 in Toulon
  • Athens and parts of Greece were covered in unusually heavy snowfall. Record snow and temperatures in Spain. Crippling winter storms cover Texas in snow. Lytton, British Columbia, records Canada’s highest-ever temperature of 49.6C (121.3F), before being destroyed by a wildfire the next day. It rains for the first time at Greenland ice sheets’ highest point as temperature rises to above freezing
  • NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully lands at Jezero Crater, Mars, on a mission to find microfossils. Their drone helicopter Ingenuity becomes the first powered aircraft to fly on another world
  • Video gaming platform Roblox goes public on the New York stock exchange, valued at $45 billion. Share trading becomes gamified by novice traders of the next generation using Reddit and shares trading platform Robinhood. China restricts online gaming for under 18s to one hour on Fridays, weekends, and holidays ordering companies to enforce this
  • 2020 Olympics proceed a year late in Japan. Australian water sport team excels with Ariarne Titmus claiming an Olympic swimming double and canoeist Jessica Fox wins inaugural women’s C-1 slalom
  •  Australia’s Ash Barty, after faltering in the Australian Open, goes on to win the Wimbledon Women’s Tennis over Karolína Plíšková of the Czech Republic
  • Recording-breaking price of $3.25 million for a comic book as Action Comics #1, which introduced Superman for the first time, sells at auction
  • Egyptian archaeologists announce their most important find since Tutankhamun’s tomb – the discovery of a lost ‘golden city’ the 3,000-years-old ancient city of Aten near Luxor
  • India has more girls than boys for the first time in its history with its population boom coming to an end.
  • World’s fastest train debuts, a Chinese state-owned maglev bullet train, with speeds of 600 kilometres per hour (373 miles) in Qingdao, China.
  • Herd of 14 elephants returning home from a 500km (300-mile) trek across China, leading authorities to evacuate 150,000 people out of their path.
  • “I am Legend” screenwriter Akiva Goldsman tweets “It’s a movie. I made that up. Its. Not. Real.” amid rumours COVID-19 vaccines could turn people into zombies, as in the film
  • SpaceX launches the first all-civilian spaceflight from Cape Canaveral, Florida, for a three-day orbit around Earth. In October Elon Musk makes $25 Billion in one day, on paper.
  • Russia launches an actor and director to the International Space Station to make the first film in orbit
  • “Voyage”, Abba’s first album of new material in 40 years, tops the UK album chart while Taylor Swift gains control of her future and re-records many of her hits to regain her rights.
  • And, last but not least, Melbourne won the AFL premiership and Penrith won the NRL premiership.

So on to 2022. What is in store for you?

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