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Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles - Written by Greg Ferrett

Emotional Intelligence is today’s buzz word. After reading this book you will be able to pick a person’s primary emotional style within 90 seconds, use practical tools to engage emotionally & influence conversations & decisions. While widely applicable, this book provides simple everyday tools to use emotion to close that important sale. Every buyer makes a decision based on their emotional makeup, and every buyer will have a mixture of the seven emotional styles. Understanding and using them is your key to future sales.

Mastering the techniques in this book you will;

    • Shorten your sales cycle
    • Reduce discounts given
    • Close sales earlier
    • Know how your client will make a decision, and
    • understand the psychological triggers that motivate your client to make a buying decision.

In business every sale is the result of two human beings sitting down and agreeing to move forward with a joint solution. Your client engages you to deliver a business result because they trust you to deliver on your word. In this book you will find the practical tools to make this real and deliver real commercial relationships which are honest, sincere, of value and meaning to both parties.

In Selling to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles you will discover how and why emotion is such an important part in decision making. Emotion is a simple chemical reaction in the brain usually triggered by an outside influence. Once triggered, like ‘fight or flight’, emotion (-ve or +ve) can not be turned off. Buyers will sometimes wonder why they made a decision when they know the logical choice was something else. This book covers the latest science in understanding of the brain and the implications this science has for today’s sales people. It is built up on the groundbreaking work of Aaron Rosanoff in his work on personality needs and the Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale documented in 1935.

Based on this understanding we reveal a much simpler way to close a sale. You will learn how to drive emotion in a way buyers will not be aware of.

This very practical book gives you everyday tools to take advantage of this breakthrough in understanding of how people make decisions. You will meet and identify the seven emotional styles.

    • The Hustler
    • The Artist
    • The Normal
    • The Engineer
    • The Politician
    • The Double Checker
    • The Mover

Every person from the CEO to receptionist, being human, makes decisions based on emotion. You will be given a simple tool to identify each emotional style using outward signs such as clothing, language, stance and office decor. You will learn techniques to drive emotion through the use of green and red emotional buttons.

If you are looking to influence a decision or close a sale this book gives you the strategies to work with each emotional style. If you want to establish rapport this book helps you by giving you ideas for conversation starters, what to talk about and questions to ask of each emotional style so you will know what is really going on in their mind and, importantly, the chemistry in their brain driving emotion.

Most importantly it provides you with real tools so you can use emotion to close that important sale 

You will instantly recognise the emotional styles in your colleagues and your clients and understand why they behave in certain ways.

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