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Stronger Climate Change Act for Victoria Passed into Law

In a move set to please many across the state, Victoria’s recently strengthened “Climate Change Plan” is now the Climate Change Act and has successfully passed into law in Parliament today.

The act is now a significant reform that leads the way to a much cleaner Victoria, with less pollution and better prepared for the impacts of global warming, Environment Victoria said today.

“Finally Victoria has a Climate Change Act capable of setting Victoria on the path to zero climate pollution,” said Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham.

The Bill creates a new Climate Change Act which will:

  • * Establish a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050;
  • * Require five-yearly interim emissions targets from 2020 onwards;
  • * Improve accountability and transparency on efforts to cut emissions;
  • * Ensure all arms of government are factoring climate change impacts and emissions reductions into their decision-making and policy setting.

Mr Wakeham today said:

“The new Climate Change Act provides a framework for action to reduce climate pollution across the economy, and encourages immediate and long term planning to prepare for the impacts of global warming.

“We have long been calling for a stronger Climate Change Act, and we congratulate the Andrews Government on their commitment to reducing pollution and standing up for a safe future for Victoria.

“Victoria is already experiencing the effects of global warming with damaging impacts across the state. This legislation is a critical intervention in Victoria’s efforts to address the climate crisis.

“As we experience more extreme weather events, we will need our political representatives to come together with ambitious actions to halt global warming and its impacts.

 “We welcome the commitment shown for the legislation by each of The Greens, The Sex Party and Jobs for the West in voting in support of a stronger Climate Change Act.

 “Unfortunately the Victorian Coalition continued their reckless opposition to any measure that reduces pollution or prepares Victoria for a safe, clean future. A poll of Victorians released just today shows that 4 out of 5 Victorians support the Climate Change Act’s zero emissions target for 2050.

“In opposing the Act and this target the Coalition is demonstrating how out of touch they are with the concerns of the Victorian community on this issue.

“In fact by voting against the Climate Change Act and announcing their opposition to the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, the Coalition is doing everything they can to sabotage the solutions to global warming.  Only a tiny minority of Victorians oppose reducing pollution in our economy – unfortunately many of them seem to reside in the Liberal party room.”

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