You are currently viewing Rebate Rage: The Battle To Save Victoria’s Residential Solar Industry

Rebate Rage: The Battle To Save Victoria’s Residential Solar Industry

My team and I were involved in the conference call with the Smart Energy Council and were shocked at the potential devastation of the Victorian Solar industry by the Victoria Rebate program.

This is what Michael Bloch calls
“Rebate Rage: The Battle to Save Victoria’s Residential Solar Industry”



The Smart Energy Council has been swamped with phone calls and e-mails since yesterday’s webinar on the Victorian Solar Homes Program.

If you have not already done so I urge you to watch the webinar at

Be prepared for some raw emotion and stories which are gut-wrenching.

The stories are heartbreaking and numerous.

There is no choice but to campaign hard to change the program.

The Smart Energy Council has called a Victorian Solar Industry Day of Action for next Thursday 25 July.

Mark this date in your diary. They will be in touch with details soon.

Action Team Convened

The Smart Energy Council have briefed a team of new staff and consultants.

Massive Media Interest

The media stories have started: you can see news reports at and

See Solar Quotes report at

We need your help

Thank you to those who have already pledged to the Victorian Solar Campaign.

Please make your payment as soon as possible here.

If you have not donated – we need your help right now! Donate now to the Smart Energy Council to support them in this program.


ASM Money is committed to supporting the industry and its members. We urge you to get involved. Watch your email inbox for more details from John Grimes of the Smart Energy Council or from ASM directly.

Become a member of the Smart Energy Council

Join here or contact Luke Shavak their Membership Manager, mail

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