Business leaves the Government in their wake in the rush to renewables

Government legislates for business

Business, Unions and Scientists are leaving politicians behind” claims Deborah Shaw from ‘The Age’. I see businesses every day making decisions to address climate change. With the ability to address change with no capital outlay, delivering immediate savings and results, it is no wonder!

We don’t have to use our imaginations anymore,” says Professor Michael Mann. “Dangerous impacts from climate change are with us in real time.”

Business leaders understand the importance of planning for change. A company director can be held personally responsible for failing to plan and execute risk mitigation strategies when they should have reasonably known about a potential risk. A politician, however, assumes no responsibility for climate risk and tends to act in rhythm to the election cycle.

For many businesses climate change is already hitting them hard and they cannot wait for the politicians. The most ‘in your face’ impact is the cost of production and transport of energy. Still, it is not just the enormous savings in their energy bill driving them, but the tide of public support that can come their way, and the positive attitude employees have to the company, when they see action being taken to reduce their carbon footprint and impact positively on climate change. In addition, renewable solutions provide an insurance policy for the financial future of the business.

Over the past seven years ASM Money has developed and evolved ‘fit for purpose’ finance solutions for renewable projects. This PPA offering is for grid replacement power, for no capital outlay, no maintenance costs and up to 70% reduction in the daytime business energy bill (depending on location).

The response to such a profound change, using a ‘behind the meter’ Power Purchase Agreement, has staggered me. While we still offer traditional finance, this quantum leap in financing renewable energy is leaving the political debate far behind.

Businesses, along with the community and scientists, are saying ‘We can no longer wait for the Government. We need to take action today to preserve the value in our balance sheet.’

Greg Ferrett, CEO

ASM Money

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